Why Plant Based?

I could go on and on about the reasons why i went vegan.. but for now I will keep it simple. It wasn't only for the animals. Not just the cruelty. Definitely not to be "in". I did it because I feel that if I can make one tiny adjustment to my life, to make the WORLD a better place, I will happily do it. Another main reason is for the environment. Animal agriculture takes a HUGE toll on the amazon rainforest (our main source of oxygen) and the atmosphere (methane gases are the most detrimental).

So sustainability and climate change is a big reason. Animal cruelty is another huge reason that I feel we can all relate to.. I MEAN HOW MANY CAT VIDEOS DO YOU WATCH A DAY? I promise you, little chicks, sea animals & piggies are just as cute.

We all have to start somewhere. Whether it be with Meatless Monday or even a "flexitarian" diet. Maybe even just buying locally grown animal products instead of mass produced meats and dairy. We can ALL make a difference. I decided to dedicate my life (especially through what I choose to eat) to living compassionately.. towards our minds, our bodies, the earth, the animals & our one big circle of energy.

Some suggestions for documentaries to read are:

Cowspiracy (on Netflix)

Forks Over Knives (Netflix)

Food Inc. 

More to come, but hopefully these get you started!